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In order to open up a Game Boy cartridge you will need to have a special screwdriver that can be found on various dealers on the Internet, or you can open it up with a Bic pen.

I knew about the infamous Bic pen trick which involves heating up a Bic pen over a lighter and then stick the heated part of the pen where the funny shaped screw in the cart is. The tip of the pen will harden and take form after the weird screw and become a screwdriver. I agree that it is perhaps not the most reliable screwdriver, but it actually works. Whoever came up with this idea is truly a genius!

Bomb Jack Game Boy cartridge

1. This is the cartridge that I am going to open up. A genuine Nintendo of Scandinavia Game Boy Bomb Jack cartridge.

BIC pen trick

2. Bic pen is on the left side (empty, only pen tube), cartridge upside-down on the right.

Game Boy cartridge opened

3. Here you can see what is meant for no one to see. The circuit board has a chip on it, the chip contains the game ROM.

Cartridge circuit close up

4. This is a close-up of the circuit board. Some cartridges are more advanced and have more components. This is a fairly simple cartridge, but then, Bomb Jack is a fairly small game.

Nintendo cartridge

5. Backside of the card. This is an original cart so it has a Nintendo logo. Nothing to see here really.

How exciting is an open Bomb Jack cart anyway?

Zelda DX inside cartridge

How about an open genuine Zelda Links Awakening DX GBC cartridge?

Inside a pirate cartridge

6. I thought it would be interesting to see how a pirate cart looked inside. I suspected it would look very homemade and crude inside.

Nintendo Game Boy multi cartridge

7. This is your basic "72 in 1", or "128 in 1" Game Boy pirate cart. Yes it really is 72 unique games however as usual with this sort of cartridge one third of the games is quality and the rest is a little less quality but fun none the less. And as usual along those good games you can find "Alleyway", "Super Mario Land", "Dr Mario", "Tetris" and a "Pokemon" or two.

Don't Open cartridge

8. I was a bit scared about opening this cart since it had a scary "Don't Open" sticker on the back. What could it hide inside? Or maybe I will destroy a rare 2500 dollar cartridge by penetrating the sticker?

Game Boy multi cartridge opened

9. As you can see, my readers are more important than 2500 dollars!

Inside Game Boy circuit board

10. Interesting construction. It looks professional to. And there is room for expansion to so the same circuit board can be used for different games.

Game Boy screwdriver

11. This card used a normal Philips head screwdriver since it was a pirate cart.

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