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SplitBar is my personal website, a page where I can add articles about stuff I like, do and am passionate about. The content you will find on this site is video game related, computer oriented (mostly Amiga/vintage PC), some pencils reviews and some pages about my small Mini-Z  RC collection and much more. While having a personal website and having such different topics on a single site might seem like a major faux pas in these days, I have always liked this kind of webpage and this is a little tribute to that kind of sites!

My favorite Neo Geo games and nostalgia

Everybody who is into old school video game seems to have some kind of story or special memory of the Neo Geo. Either it is about a rich neighbor who had an AES back in 1991, a dinner place that had a Metal Slug  arcade cabinet or some story of how insane the Neo Geo was compared to the other... Read more

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Atari 2600jr

Atari 2600jr

How far back would you go?

Most people do not want to go further back than their first gaming system which for my generation typically was the Nintendo NES.

A couple of years ago I became interested in the Atari 2600. The Atari 2600 was just as the Playstation 2 and the XBOX 360... Read more

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Harmony 2600 flash cartridge

The Harmony 2600 is an SD-card based flash cartridge for the Atari 2600. I decided to get one of these cartridges since I was curious about Atari 2600 gaming and they where relatively cheap. 2600 games are not exactly expensive, but having the full library on a single cartridge is nice.

... Read more

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Everdrive GB

Everdrive GB review

The Everdrive GB is a flash cartridge for the GameBoy and the GameBoy color that can run GameBoy and GameBoy color roms. It stores ROM files on a Micro SD card and has a basic menu system where you can select games added to the cartridge. it runs on the GameBoy, GameBoy pocket, GameBoy color,... Read more

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Omega MVS

I got an arcade motherboard SNK Neo Geo MV1-C last year and also purchased a 161 in 1 MVS multigame cartridge from China. I thought it would be a quick afternoon of work to wire the motherboard to a joypad and a SCART cable in order to set it up. But I ran into a lot of trouble with the setup... Read more

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I recently revisited the wicked world of Carmageddon thanks to the recently released Iphone port. Carmageddon is an old racing game from 1997 initially released for MS-DOS and Windows but later got released for quite a lot of different systems during the years. The best versions are considered... Read more

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Old school Star Wars games on the PC

X-Wing - 1993

In X-Wing you are a rookie fighter pilot who joins the Rebel Forces. You are placed on a frigate and after some serious training missions you get to experience some real action with a heavy simulator feel.... Read more

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Favorite games played in 1984

This is my favorite games on the Commodore 64 that I played back in 1984!

Shamus - Synapse Software, 1983

An excellent game. You had to walk in tunnels beating monsters and trying to find keys to get further. Walls... Read more

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NeoBiosMasta and UniverseBios added for my consolized Neo Geo MVS


This weekend my ongoing quest for making a consolized Neo Geo MVS continued.... Read more

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Excited for new hardware that adds RGB to the Nintendo NES

As you probably know you can not get RGB output from the Nintendo NES (unless you hack it with a PPU from a rare Playchoice 10 or play you games on a ugly Video Titler). There are currently a project called UniversalPPU trying to create a... Read more

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