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SplitBar is my personal website, a page where I can add articles about stuff I like, do and am passionate about. The content you will find on this site is video game related, computer oriented (mostly Amiga/vintage PC), some pencils reviews and some pages about my small Mini-Z  RC collection and much more. While having a personal website and having such different topics on a single site might seem like a major faux pas in these days, I have always liked this kind of webpage and this is a little tribute to that kind of sites!

Nintendo NES 101

My modded 101 top loader NES

I am actually not particularly fond of the Nintendo NES because I never had one when I was a kid. Typically most gamers have a bucket full of nostalgic memories playing 8-bit games on the NES. Instead I have plenty of memories back when the system was launched over here and when you could find...

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Hassegawa Macross Elint Seeker injection kit

I finally got hold of an Elint Seeker injection kit model by Hasegawa. I have wanted one for 10 years and now I have the Super Ostrich, the VF1 with fast packs and finally the coolest one, the Elint Seeker. These are all planes from the Macross universe. Maybe one day I will post them all built...

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Kaweco Ice Sport

I like transparent plastic, especially in color, not unsurprisingly I bought a Kaweco Ice Sport in transparent red.

The Ice Sport series is an interesting pencil, it is available as a fountain pen, clutch pencil, 7mm lead pencil and as a regular roller ball pencil (which is what I got)....

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Rotring 800 review

The Rotring 800 pencil solves one problem that the Rotring 600 have, it has a retractable lead guide. So if you are tired of piercing your shirt pocket with the 600, you will probably love the Rotring 800.


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Top loader NES 101 ordered and NES RGB kit arrived!

I got the NES RGB kit this week so it was time to decide if I should get a regular old school NES, second generation 101 top loader NES or a Japanese Famicom. Since I already had an Everdrive N8 for the PAL/NTSC NES the Famicom was ruled...

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Ordered a NESRGB board and got an RGB kit for PC Engine

I got an RGB kit for the PC Engine. I have been thinking of adding a PC Engine to the collection for quite some time (and to be honest I have not got any rush). Last year I added a Turbo Everdrive for the PC Engine and now I add this RGB kit....

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Rotring 800+

Rotring 800+ - finally a new pencil from the red ring company

Rotring 600 was recently relaunched on the official Rotring website. That lead many to wonder if there would be new pencils for sale by Rotring anytime soon. The Rotring...

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Super Wildcard DX2

How to play games on the Wildcard DX2

There are a couple of different ways you can play games on the Super Wildcard (as with most SNES...

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The Simpsons minifigures

Lego Simpson minifigure collection

I am not playing much with Lego anymore. My kids enjoy Lego but surprisingly not as much as I used to do in when I was their age. I know many grown ups are playing with Lego but I have never found anything interesting to buy. But these Lego Simpsons Minifigures changed my mind. They where...

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Got an empty GameBoy cartridge shell for my Everdrive GB

I recently bought an Everdrive GB flash cartridge and thought I would mount the PCB inside an old GB cartridge. I love the look of the old gray GB cartridge but I was surprised to find out even after considerable...

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